The 俄国 n Versailles: A Guide to Visiting 彼得hof

彼得hof (meaning 彼得’s Court) was built by 彼得 the Great in the 18th century. It was built to be his summer residence, located a short distance from his city-based winter palace. Of course, you may now already know this as the 冬宫博物馆。也许你没有’t arrived in 俄国 yet and still learning the way of the land. Whatever the case, here is your guide to visiting 彼得hof, one of my favourite attractions in St 彼得sburg.

彼得hof, 彼得 the Great’s Summer Residence

彼得’s的夏季住宅是一个豪华的黄金喷泉陈列,精心修剪的篱笆,茂密的草坪和奢华的喷泉陈列… and that’s just the gardens! The palace is one of St 彼得sburg’的热门景点,最受参观的是冬宫博物馆(Peter Peter)’的冬季住所)和凯瑟琳’的宫殿。这三座宫殿各有一座’ own unique history to be discovered, but with so much to see and so many visitors to share the grounds with, here is your complete guide to make the most of your visit to 彼得hof or Petradvorets as it is also known.


The lower gardens are one of the main features of a visit to 彼得hof, with thanks to 彼得 the Great’的俏皮补充“trick”喷泉位于原本结构合理且修剪整齐的花园中。花园旨在反映17世纪法国的正式花园,因此由正式剪报,修剪的树篱和大理石雕像组成。确保将棋山放置在东方,以及位于亚当和夏娃的突出喷泉处。

Visiting 彼得hof

A visit to 彼得hof is a must when visiting St 彼得sburg, but the confusing hours of operation can be deterring at best. Here’完全分解了每个季节的营业时间:

  • 大皇宫:周二开放–周日上午10:30至下午5点。每月的最后一个星期二休息
  • Monplaisir宫:周四开放–6月至9月的星期二,上午10:30至下午5点。
  • Monplaisir的Catherine Wing:周五开放–5月至9月的星期三,上​​午10:30至下午5点。仅在10月至4月的上午10:30至下午5点开放周末
  • 马利宫:星期二–5月至9月的星期日,上午10:30至下午5点。仅在10月至4月的上午10:30至下午5点开放周末
  • 冬宫:星期二–5月至9月的周日,上午10:30至下午6点​
  • 小屋宫:星期二–周日上午10:30至下午6点。
  • 彼得hof Fountains –喷泉通常在4月至10月的上午11点至下午5点开放。如果天气异常寒冷,喷泉可能因管道结冰而无法运行。


上公园 – free

亚历山大公园 – free

下公园 – approx. $8 USD

– approx. $15 USD

蒙普拉斯(Monplaisir),凯瑟琳之翼(Catherine Wing),冬宫(Hermitage 宫 )和平房宫(Cottage 宫 )分别收取入场费。

Getting to 彼得hof is either simple and expensive or cheap and complex. The hydrofoil runs to 彼得hof from St 彼得sburg and though this is the least confusing option, it is the more expensive. Alternatively you can choose to bus, minibus, train or metro.

Top tips for Visiting 彼得hof

  • Book a tour to avoid lines and for ease of transport to and from 彼得hof
  • 周末参观看看所有建筑物
  • 打包一件毛衣和一双好步行鞋,因为许多建筑物都在户外,将需要大量步行才能看到所有地面
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